Rall Capital Management Launches Medicare Consultation Service

Program to help people avoid costly mistakes and provide personalized guidance about options.

COCOA, Florida—July 13, 2017—Rall Capital Management today announced that it has launched a Medicare consultation service to provide education and guidance for the Medicare enrollment process.

The service is geared for individuals and couples who are about 64 years old and getting ready to enroll in Medicare. The goal of the consultation is to empower them to make the right decisions, said Bob Rall, CEO and founder of Rall Capital Management.

“Enrolling in Medicare can be overwhelming, with its plethora of parts and paths,” Rall said. “The fact that a wrong decision can mean penalties, delays, and increased costs can add to the stress. Our Medicare consultation aims to replace anxiety with clarity.”

Rall Capital Management is an independent, fee-only advisory firm providing financial planning and investment management services to individuals and families primarily on Florida’s Space Coast. Rall said he got the idea for the Medicare service out of conversations with his clients.

“A lot of them were just really confused,” Rall said. “Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, prescription drug coverage, Medigap—they had a lot of questions, and I realized a lot of people probably had those questions too.”

A consultation with a client comprises three parts: a presentation that provides an overview of Medicare and its components; a detailed questionnaire covering a range of issues, from the client’s health history to their financial situation; and guidance based on the questionnaire to help the client choose the Medicare paths and parts that will best fit their needs.

“We intended from the start for the consultation to be personalized. Otherwise, it just doesn’t have as much value,” Rall said. “With our guidance based on their specific situation, a client can feel confident that their decisions are the right decisions.”

Rall also said his firm will help with enrollment and can provide guidance later as a person’s needs change.

The service costs $99.

“We’re pretty excited about this service,” Rall said. “We don’t think there’s anything like it in the area. It’s going to serve a real need.

For information about the consultation program, contact Rall at (321) 452-1251.

To learn more about Rall Capital Management, visit rallcapital.com.